EDUCATING THROUGH STORYTELLING – Empowering youth is the key to breaking the silence and fostering life-fueling connections within our schools and communities. By educating and engaging them, we can equip them with the necessary tools to become part of the solution in addressing challenges associated with substance use and mental health. Encouraging them to use their stories and voices to create awareness and promote a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their peers is essential.


A CERTIFIED PEER TRAINING program that is a unique and comprehensive approach to wellness coaching focused on three key areas: advocacy leadership, peer coaching, and community education. By targeting these critical elements, youth and staff can work together to positively transform the culture of our school systems. Aspiring coaches can earn their official CCAR certification through a rigorous training program consisting of three days of live in-person or virtual sessions, supplemented by two additional days of online coursework. This program fully equips you with the tools, resources, and support you need to succeed.


STUDENT-LED INITIATIVES prioritizing the foundational principles of gratitude, community, and self-care. These change projects aim to create a cultural shift in schools by engaging young leaders in evidence-based strategies that combat the adverse effects of stigma and perpetuate healthy choices. RISEyouth will strengthen their leadership skills, promote positive mental health, and reduce stigma among their peers by learning to raise awareness, share their stories, and positively impact their community while developing essential skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.


ADULT ADOVCACY TRAINING designed for youth-serving organizations, teachers, and educators looking to create safe and courageous spaces for youth to strive. This 5 module training course aims to equip professionals with the tools to confidently facilitate conversations around substance use disorders, mental health, and personal empowerment. With a focus on using storytelling to build connectivity and reduce stigma around sensitive social issues, we will help develop trusting relationships with the youth they serve and empower them to implement youth-led projects.


The night of the presentation, I had planned to commit suicide. After the presentation, I no longer wanted or felt the need to. Listening to other people’s stories and their recovery made a huge impact on me. Since other people can make it through, I know I can too.

-High School Student

I thought that all of your stories were so inspirational. I like how you weren’t just saying “drugs are bad, don’t do them.” You told your story and how you were able to change your lives.

-High School Student

Let’s create something great together.